Scheffer Andrew Ltd. Planners & Engineers

​​​​​​Scheffer Andrew Ltd. Planners and Engineers offers planning and engineering services to rural and urban municipalities.  Our experience and know-how encompasses municipal statutory plans, land use bylaws, and lake management plans. We provide planning advisory services for smaller municipalities which don’t have their own planning departments, or which require assistance with specific projects.

Our engineering services include water and sewage treatment, storm water management, and infrastructure construction, upgrading and modification.  We conduct project feasibility studies, perform detailed facilities planning, and provide infrastructure design and construction supervision.

Our services include:

  • Development Plan Preparation
  • Municipal Development Plans
  • Official Community Plans
  • Land Use/Zoning Bylaws
  • Area Structure Plans & Concept Plans
  • Area Redevelopment Plans
  • Lake Management Planning
  • Planning Advisory Services
  • Servicing & Infrastructure Feasibility Studies
  • Facilities Planning
  • Infrastructure Design
  • Construction Engineering & Management
  • Redevelopment

scheffer andrew ltd. planners and engineers  services to rural and urban municipalities

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