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Scheffer andrew ltd. planners and engineers land development services

Scheffer Andrew Ltd. Planners and Engineers uses an integrated multi-disciplinary approach to land development services, applying a high level of efficiency starting with raw land, and extending through all planning, design and construction phases to post-construction. Meeting our clients’ needs is our top priority. We keep working until the job has been completed correctly and meets our professional standards. We have helped hundreds of clients navigate the municipal and provincial processes to obtain the required approvals.

Our services include:

  • Feasibility Analysis: By reviewing the planning status of your land and determining the planning and engineering requirements, we can assist you in preparing cost forecasts to determine the feasibility and timelines to develop your land.
  • Master Plans: Master Plans are high level, complex plans that determine the intensity and style of development for large tracts of undeveloped land (Area Structure Plan) or redeveloping areas (Area Redevelopment Plan). In some cases, your land may already be within an existing Master Plan, or you may be required to prepare one for adoption by the local municipality before developing. 
  • Land Use Amendments: A Land Use Amendment is often required to begin to implement the vision of the Master Plan. The land use designation of a parcel defines what is permitted to be developed on the land in terms of minimum lot sizes, permitted and discretionary uses, minimum setbacks, building coverage, building height, parking and transportation impact, landscaping etc.
  • Outline Plans/Conceptual Schemes: Outline Plan and Conceptual Schemes define the road network and lot layout at a conceptual level in preparation for subdivision. A major goal is to confirm servicing details as they inform the detailed dimensions of the subdivision layout. Our staff will use extensive experience to create a layout that maximizes your property.
  • Subdivision Applications: A subdivision application is informed by the Outline Plan/Conceptual Scheme and defines the road network and lot layout at a detailed level. Approval of a subdivision application requires detailed design, entering into a development agreement, and constructing the necessary infrastructure, prior to registration of the subdivision plan, at which time the individual lots are created to be sold. Being a midsize company with low staff turnover rate and offices across Alberta, your project will have a single point of contact from start to finish who can be directly reached through cell or email.
  • Community & Stakeholder Consultation: When preparing a Master Plan, Outline Plan/Conceptual Scheme, or making an application for Land Use Amendment, it is often good practice and sometimes a requirement to conduct public consultation with the neighbours. We prepare and host open houses to gather community input which is then integrated into the development plan.
  • Preliminary Engineering: Preliminary engineering is carried out during the planning stages of a project to establish good understanding of the engineering requirements and construction costs as these can affect the design and feasibility. At the early stages, the engineering is kept at a preliminary level for efficiency as the plans are not fixed or approved, and many details may still change.
  • Detailed Engineering Design: Detailed Engineering Design is required after subdivision approval in order to define in detail what the developer intends to construct. The drawings are generally submitted to the local municipality for approval and they are then included as part of a binding development agreement between the developer and the municipality. Our locally present expertise across Alberta provides us with the knowledge to create designs that will minimize resubmissions. 
  • Construction Engineering & Management: We understand how stressful construction contracts can be. We make sure the developer is entering into a fair and reasonable construction contract with a capable contractor through tendering or through developer negotiation. During construction, we monitor the contractor’s work to confirm that it complies with the detailed engineering design drawings and the requirements of the local municipality. We also administer the construction contract to certify payment to the contractor and will not rest until project has been completed as agreed. 
  • Marketing/Sales Plans & Community Logos: We can help you with converting subdivision design drawings into useful information for potential lot purchasers by preparing more graphical sales plans and marketing documents.
  • Architectural Guidelines & Implementation: In many new subdivisions there are guidelines and processes in place to ensure a uniform development style and quality. We can help you develop and implement these processes.

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