Scheffer Andrew Ltd. Planners & Engineers

Jason Maurer

Vice President Operations

This is the Scheffer Andrew Ltd. Planners and Engineers senior staff in the Scheffer Andrew Ltd. Planners and Engineers Edmonton office.

Valentina Klyashitsky

Officer Manager /

Financial Officer

​​​​​​​​​Edmonton Head Office

Commerce South Office Park,

Building E, Suite 310,
4803 87 Street NW,

Edmonton, AB T6E 0V3.

Phone: 780-732-7800
Fax: 780-732-7878​

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Patrick Hallonquist

Principal / Senior Engineer

Marinus Scheffer 

Principal / Senior Engineer

Tammy Carignan

Engineering Operations Manager

edmonton office and staff

scheffer andrew ltd. planners and engineers edmonton office

Aime Stewart

Planning Manager

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Key Staff