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Access to accurate and timely information is crucial to making sound and informed decisions in your organization. Detailed imaging supplied by a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) can provide data useful for measurement, planning, site optimization, development and promotional purposes.

UAVs are sophisticated, small and capable aircraft which allow the user to collect valuable, real time data at a significant cost savings over using manned aircraft or traditional survey methods. Our services can meet your needs for aerial photography, aerial surveys, inspections, investigations, monitoring and aerial videography throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan.


Aerial imagery is a powerful tool and can be used for site planning and evaluation, logistics, site management and documentation.

  • Site Imagery: aerial images are geometrically connected and geospatially referenced; from this models can be created, viewed and measured.
  • Digital Elevation Models (DEM): colour overlays to graphically represent changes in elevation are useful to quickly determine the overall grading and drainage of a site.
  • Cut/Fill Quantity Reports and Stockpile Volumes: UAVs are able to provide precise and reliable data quickly to produce accurate reports of volumes for several applications. These areas can be recaptured at any time to record changes and inventory use.
  • Visual Inspections: 80 acres can be covered by a UAV in 30 minutes, and UAV imagery reveals the entire area with pixel resolution of 3cm per pixel. UAVs allow access to all areas of a site, no matter the terrain. Photo and video capture is available.

Safe and certified

Scheffer Andrew Ltd.:

  • Is fully insured for UAV operations;
  • Has valid Transport Canada Special Flight Operations Certification for Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Our qualifications include:

  • Aeronautical training and certification to Transport Canada Standards;
  • Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (Advanced) Qualification, March 2016;
  • Model Aeronautics Association Canada (MAAC) Certification;
  • 10 Years (100+ hours) of flight time on fixed wing, rotary and multi-rotor platforms;
  • Restricted Radio Operator’s Certication: Aeronautical


Using UAV technology has several immediate benefits for the end user:

  • Geospatially referenced and accurate up to date information on the current state of your projects and land resources such as gravel pits, landfills and lagoon areas;
  • Precise 3D modeling;
  • 24/7 private access to the 3D model on a host website; no additional computer resources required for the user;
  • User outputs in popular CAD formats;
  • Increased safety; UAVs are excellent for areas of land that have difficult or restrictive access such as landfills, unstable slopes, environmentally protected areas;
  • UAV data acquisition and modeling is a quicker, more cost efficient means of data collection to gain the most accurate picture of your project environments;
  • Turnaround time from initial flight to delivery of data in as little as 24 hours;
  • Repeatable survey flights for consistent management and recording of the area, adjacent lands or areas of identified interest;
  • Availability of the engineering resources of Scheffer Andrew Ltd.

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